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([personal profile] helike Aug. 10th, 2017 09:15 am)
Discoveries made:

1. My laptop doesn't like any 64bit OS, despite the fact the processor should work with one. The keyboard isn't working, neither is the mouse and it seems to have problems with the display. (Thanks heavens for the existence of Live CDs or more precisely for Live USBs).

2. The laptop doesn't appear to like any Linux-based system, too, although the general reaction to them is much better than to the 64bit OS's. I checked Slax and Lubuntu. The wifi is refusing to work. Sometimes it's connecting, sometimes it isn't. Chances are it would work better with the fully installed version, but I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle.

3. The netbook got Lubuntu. Even if the system is not perfect it still is an improvement in comparison to Windows XP on which it has run. And which should not be deleted lest it refuses to cooperate with LSD projectors I use at work.

4. On a funny note. It appears that Windows XP does have a program for making system backups, however:
- it's not installed by default,
- the installation file is on the Windows XP installation disk only,
- it runs from the command line level,
- it requires a floppy disk (!) to create a full system backup.

5. Pretty sure this computer adventure would earn me more than a surprised "Really? By yourself?!" reaction from our IT guys. No one expects an accounting teacher to know such stuff, especially a female one.