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*cry of relief*

Thanks to everyone who answered my last entry. Though I tried your suggestions, they didn't seem to work for me. But after tinkering with MS Word I found something that did.

So anyone interested in changing a document with paragraphs separated by a double-return (no tabs) into a document that is indented with tabs (no spaces between paragraphs) this is what worked for me. Granted, there is probably an easier way to do it, but I have no idea what that might be. If I deviate even a little bit from my formula, it doesn't work.

Edit ---> Select All ---> Copy
Create new document and paste (just in case you mess up, you don't want to ruin the formatting of your original document)
In new document, Edit ---> Select all (important)

Edit ---> Replace
(Click "more" button if it isn't already opened)

In the "Find What" line: click "Special" then select "Paragraph Mark"
In the "Replace" line: click "Special" then select "Manual Line Break"
Click "Replace All"

In the "Find What" line: click "Special" then select "Manual Line Break"
In the "Replace" line: click "Special" then select "Paragraph Mark"
Click "Replace All"

In the "Find What" line: click "Special" then select "Paragraph Mark"
Do the above step again so the "Find What" line looks like this: ^p^p
In the "Replace" line: click "Special" then select "Paragraph Mark" (only once)
Click "Replace All"

Close "Find and Replace"

With the text still highlighted, in the toolbar click "Format" then select "Reveal Formatting"
The "Formatting of Selected Text" box should show up on the right side of the screen

In the "Formatting of Selected Text" box, click "Indentation"
On the "Special" button, select "First Line"
Press okay

Double-space the document if you want

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