You know, sometimes a nice rejection can be more enlightening than an acceptance. I was fortunate enough to receive a short critique today for "The Queen's Man" (also under submission elsewhere) from an editor at a prominent fantasy magazine. If my story isn't accepted by the other magazine I sent it to, now I know what to do to make it a better story. I was also shocked at the positive things the editor had to say about it, since I didn't think that particular story showcased those skills (it is flash fiction, meaning a short-short, so you don't have much room to excel at certain things.) A personal response is so much better than a form letter rejection!
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Whoever that person is, I'd say that magazine (or at least that editor) is a doll for being a thorough and courteous editor. :3
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It's like a constructive criticism, isn't it? Even if you're wrong, at least you know what is wrong and you can avoid making the same mistake in the future. Good luck with everything.