My article Saint Patrick, the Irish Druids, and the Conversion of Pagan Ireland to Christianity is up! I'm waaaaay too happy it's the first one listed on the main Strange Horizons page. Lol, and good ole St. Patty looks so confused in that picture.

I'd love to hear what you all think. :)
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This is when Patrick and the druids engaged in a magical contest to see whose skills and religion were superior.

For some reason this part made me laugh, because Catholicism is strictly against any for of magic, be it white or black one. Thus, no saint should take part in such contest and be saint afterwards. But never mind.

Me likes it. A very interesting read for sure and it reminds me some stories about Christianization of the area in which I live, which definitely wasn't peaceful. But there were some things about it that you can find familiar. The first church in my city was build in exactly the same place that the old Pagan shrine had been and it was common to consecrate sacred Pagan places, put there something indicating that now it's a Christian sacred place and let people pray there XD The place didn't change, but people were praying to the "right" god now. And it really is fascinating to see how many Christian holidays coincide with the Pagan ones. Yule is almost on Christmas, right? And even Easter has a strong connection to the Vernal Equinox and moon phases. One could actually argue what exactly won here - old Pagan traditions or Christianity *is amused*

As for the snakes part. In Christian symbolism snake is considered to be a symbol something evil, deceitful, so in this context everything that would lead people to "evil" (Pagan religion?) could be considered to be "a snake". I, however, would argue with these Christians of old times about if druids were "the source of all evil" in the way that Christians wanted them to see >.>; History of Christianization shows many interesting and disturbing things in this aspect >.>;
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From: [personal profile] helike

And congrats on getting published ^^ I was so focused on your article that I forgot to type this, too >.>; FAIL.


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