First off, today I found out that The Internet Review of Science Fiction accepted the article I wrote about the movie Tokyo! If you are interested in foreign, independent films, I recommend watching it. In my article I approach the film from a sociological perspective, analyzing the story within the context of modern Japan. You can find it up on the site in October or November. I'll make sure to update when it's available.

Secondly, I wanted to link the short review [personal profile] ivoryandhorn posted about my St. Patrick article. She also wrote something up a while ago about my Mists of Avalon article. I just wanted to let everyone know that concrit is always welcome. I'm not easily offended, and I value opposing viewpoints.

Thirdly, a moment of Sheer Fangirl. MICHEAL JACKSON WROTE A NOVEL?! About a rock star who is struggling with fame? I. Just. Died. And. Went. To. Heaven.


I'm not exaggerating when I say Michael Jackson was one of my earliest writerly influences, with his collection of poems and essays. I'm just sayin' if anyone is looking for a great Christmas present for me ... the first edition Dancing the Dream. It's out of print and I cry (not really but really) when I see someone selling it on ebay. Because I can't afford it. ETA: Okay, it looks like Doubleday in the UK actually wants to make money, so they re-released the book there. Whew, so I don't actually have to fork over hundreds of dollars to get a used copy! I still don't understand why Doubleday USA isn't re-releasing it. It's not as if there's no market for it. @_@

But if New York is honestly planning to release a supposed MJ novel? I will be like this for months on end *_*
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